Connoisseur Collection: The Yes Solo Family Album (1993)

[1] RICK WAKEMAN: Catherine Howard
[2] BADGER: Wind Of Change
[3] STEVE HOWE: Nature Of The Sea
[5] CHRIS SQUIRE: Hold Out Your Hand
[6] RICK WAKEMAN: Merlin The Magician
[7] JON ANDERSON: Ocean Song / Meeting / Sound Out The Galleon
[8] ALAN WHITE: Spring - Song Of Innocence
[9] PATRICK MORAZ: Cachaca (Baiao)
[10] BILL BRUFORD: Feels Good To Me
[11] JON & VANGELIS: I Hear You Now
[12] JON ANDERSON: All In A Matter Of Time
[13] TREVOR RABIN: Etoile Noir / Eyes Of Love
[14] PETER BANKS: Dominating Factor